Falling Stars! Gas, Coal, Oil Loss…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World oil prices moved down in today’s trading. Not only oil, natural gas and coal also experienced price corrections.

On Tuesday (19/10/2021) at 07:32 WIB, the price of Brent oil was at US$ 84.19/barrel. Down 0.17% compared to the previous day’s position.

While the light sweet type is priced at US $ 82.41/barrel. Decreased 0.04%.

Prices for energy commodities, which are the star of the market this year, fell. Yesterday, the price of coal in the ICE market in Newcastle (Australia) fell 2.63%. Meanwhile, natural gas prices at Henry Hub (Oklahoma, United States) fell more than 7% in yesterday’s trading.

It seems that investors are making profits from the high ‘flying’ price of energy commodities. Since the end of 2020 (year-to-date), coal and natural gas prices skyrocketed by 195.65% and 96.73%, respectively.

Oil prices also jumped, with brent and light sweet soaring 62.68% and 70.12% ytd. So, no wonder the action profit taking also hit the oil market.

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