Falk City Map Extra Standard Folding Cologne 1:20 000 | Maps, city plans, atlases | Travel literature

Falk City Maps Extra Standard Folding: The detailed, yet clear city map is the ideal orientation aid in the foreign city. Whether in the center or in the outskirts, with the Falk City Map Extra you can find every destination you are looking for. The plan is very easy to use thanks to its fanfold. This Falk city map will be an indispensable “tourist guide” for travelers, as it shows not only the extensive street directory and postcodes but also all the important information for tourists. The road map, 1: 150,000 on the back of the city map, also offers interesting tourist information for the area around the title town. Additional cards are cleverly placed in the booklet for quick access and show detailed information on the inner city area, provide overviews of the topic of local public transport and provide valuable information on the postal delivery districts. With the Falk City Map Extra, you always have everything important at a glance.

Falk City Maps Extra are available from a large number of German cities and municipalities. With a large map of the area, public transport network, bike and hiking trails, parking facilities, one-way streets and pedestrian zones. Colored symbols help with orientation, sights are clearly marked. Even important phone numbers and addresses are listed in the tabs.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 248 x 120 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Language: German
  • Cover type: card
  • Author: Not an author or creator
  • Edition: 23rd edition
  • Date of publication: 07/15/2021



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