Faker was a treasure. An Australian man found a rarer rock than gold

A man found out Australia On the rock of 2015, in Maryborough in the Goldfields region, which was famous for the search for gold in Australia in the nineteenth century, thinking that inside it gold was kept for several years, and during that period the man tried in every way to open the rock or break it or make an incision in it , Using a saw, drill, acidic, and heavy hammer, but he did not succeed, and the rock that the man found, red and heavy, to discover that it is a meteor that contains something rarer than gold, after he took it to the Melbourne Museum to identify it, and this meteor is a phrase About mineral raindrops since the formation of the solar system, according to the “Sa” website Jens Alert “scientific news specialist.

A geologist at the museum explained that throughout his work in the museum for 37 scientists and examined thousands of rocks, and according to Sky News, only one meteorite and this rock was discovered by one of them, and two researchers in the museum recently published a scientific paper describing the meteorite that is 4.6 billion years old, It was called “Mariboru Meteorite”, after the name of the town near the place where it was found.

According to the specifications, the mass of the mass reached 17 kg, and after using a diamond saw to cut a small slice, they discovered that its composition contains a high percentage of iron, which makes it an ordinary H5 type chondrite..

The scientists explained that meteorites provide the cheapest forms of space exploration, as they take us back and provide evidence of the age, composition and chemistry of our solar system, including Earth..

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The researchers argue that “Maryborough meteorite” is much more rare than gold, and is one of only 17 meteorites ever recorded in the Australian state of Victoria, after another huge sample weighing 55 kg was found in 2003.

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