Fake health pass offers explode on the Darknet

Groups offering fake vaccination certificates against the Covid-19 multiply on the Darknet in proportions never reached before.

The phenomenon is largely explained by the ease of access to travel and certain activities for people with a sanitary pass in many countries. The cybersecurity specialist Check Point mentioned on his blog “A volume increase of several hundred percent since early 2021”.

However, sales of counterfeit certificates do not generally take place directly. via the Dark Web. Counterfeiters, on the other hand, use the network to promote their activities. Transactions are then finalized on messaging apps or by email.

A document attesting to a vaccination, in reality non-existent, is negotiated between 100 and 120 $, that is to say between 85 and a hundred euros.

Certificates that can be used around the world

Most of the illegal documents come from European countries including France, Germany and the UK.

Researchers from Check Point thus spotted numerous announcements concerning certificates valid throughout theEuropean Union. They also had access to documents that could be used in Italy, Greece, Switzerland or the Netherlands.

Experts also noted that the Darknet hosted offers of attestations from United States, Indonesia, Pakistan and the rest of the world. They also noted that some counterfeiters spoke out against vaccination in their communications.

“We are here to save the world from this poisonous vaccine” or “Stay away from the vaccine and stay healthy while we continue the fight”, have written some sellers in their ads.



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