Fajar/Rian Failed to Win Malaysia Open 2022 because…

Kuala Lumpur

Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto failed to win at Malaysia Open 2022. What caused the two of them to fail to win the final?

Faced with Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi from Japan, Dawn/Rian defeated through a rubber game battle that took place at the Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Sunday (3/7/2022). Fajar/Rian ended the match with a score of 22-24, 21-16, and 9-21.

After the match, Rian explained the course of the match against Hoki/Kobayashi. He admitted that starting in the third game, which was the deciding factor, was quite slow.

“Thank God we were able to finish the match smoothly even though the results were not optimal,” said Rian in a release PBSI.

“In the first game we were always behind but we kept trying to catch up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish when we could take two game points. In the second game we improved and we were able to win.”

“In the third game, our start was too slow, while they could immediately find the right pattern,” said Rian.

Meanwhile, Fajar said that besides the Hockey/Kobayashi game, which was very solid and the energy was so strong. Dawn/Rian In fact, they often make their own mistakes. The declining stamina also affects the performance and focus of the 2022 Indonesia Masters champion.

“We didn’t perform optimally today, we made a lot of unnecessary mistakes ourselves. The key was maybe in the first game, unfortunately we weren’t brave enough when we got the two game points,” said Fajar.

“Our stamina has indeed decreased, but that’s not an excuse because the opponent must also feel it. It’s more about a lack of focus,” Rian replied.

Despite being disappointed, Fajar/Rian had to forget about the results of the Malaysia Open and look to the next tournament, the Malaysia Masters, which will be held from 5 to 10 July. Recovery of body condition is a priority for the 2022 Swiss Open champion.

“We have to be really smart to restore the condition because if you say, his body has been crushed. So we have to be smart in terms of diet, rest, and vitamins,” said Fajar.

“Obviously we are looking forward to a better future. Even though the results here are not optimal, we will try to improve it again, evaluate what is lacking,” Rian emphasized.


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