Failure of the SFR and Bouygues Telecom networks: it was a cyberattack

SFR, Bouygues, Knet, FDN, Vialis … Several ISPs saw their fixed internet access services severely disrupted on Tuesday 1is September at the end of the day. Several thousand subscribers have simultaneously reported breakdowns or unusual delays in connecting to websites throughout France for several hours. This was obviously not a coincidence. SFR * and Bouygues Telecom confirm today that the failure was due to a computer attack.

ISPs are frequently faced with this type of situation. But yesterday’s offensive would have been more virulent than usual, according to SFR. Same story with Bouygues Telecom. “Like other Internet players, we are regularly subjected to external attacks. Yesterday’s was bigger than usual. From 10 p.m., the teams were mobilized and the service was nominal at midnight », Told us a spokesperson. The other players have not yet responded to our requests.

Large-scale attacks in the Benelux

Operators were targeted by a DDoS attack. A distributed denial of service attack that aims to make a service unavailable by saturating it. Very quickly, some users realized that the DNS (Domain Name System) servers were affected. However, they make it possible to translate Internet domain names into IP addresses. By connecting to another DNS server from their box, the more informed have managed to get around the problem.

In Belgium, the ISP edpnet was the target of attacks of the same type for five consecutive days. The anti-DDoS protection organization NaWas reports that multiple attacks have targeted routers and DNS servers in the Benelux. The Dutch ISPs Caiway and Delta would, for example, be affected. Some attacks would have lasted four hours, reaching traffic peaks of nearly 300 Gbit / s in volume.

* is published by a subsidiary of NextRadioTV, itself owned by Altice Médias.

Sources : Datanews , Global security mag, The Fiber info

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