Failed to beat Roy Jones Jr., it turned out that Tyson appeared slimmer


THE ANGELSMike Tyson failed to conquer Roy Jones Jr. once inside exhibition fight the three judges gave the same score. But there are interesting things that accompanied the battle at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, Sunday (29/11/2020) afternoon, namely Tyson appeared slimmer than in previous battles.

The fight against Jones is the first time Tyson has stepped into the boxing ring again after deciding to retire 15 years ago. Of course the moment the return of the former heavyweight world champion is very much eagerly awaited. (Also read: Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Ended Draw)

Interestingly, in the fight against Jones, Tyson was at his lightest weight since 23 years ago. Precisely at this time Tyson has a body weight of 220 pounds or approximately 99.7 kilograms. (Also read: Roy Jones Jr. Sure Mike Tyson Will Bleed)

The last time Tyson weighed 99.7 kilograms was facing a rematch against Evander Holyfield. The moment when Tyson bit the legendary Holyfield ear in 1997. (Also read: One Eye Fight, Losing TKO, Mike Tyson Just Taken to the Hospital)

Seen in that battle, Tyson is able to display his agility. The duel was evenly matched after Jones, who weighs 210 pounds or approximately 95 kilograms, also showed a combination of punches and agility in his legs.

The battle between Tyson and Jones Jr. is indeed a match to look forward to this year. Tyson had teased several times before that he wanted to get back into the ring.

Unfortunately, despite dominating the duel, Tyson failed to win the duel. The three judges in the final decision decided on a draw.

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