Failed fitness test; Varun Chakraborty may miss T20 series against England

Ahmedabad: New spinner Varan Chakraborty may not play in the T20 series against England. It has been reported that the player has failed the fitness test imposed by the BCCI on Indian players. In 8.5 minutes, he ran a distance of 2 km and could not finish. Varun also failed to cross the 17.1 mark in the yo-yo test. With this, his participation in the series against England was weighed.

This will be his second dismissal in five months if he is dropped from the team. The player was included in the Indian team for the tour of Australia last November. But he did not get a chance to continue playing due to a shoulder injury. However, the BCCI has not yet made an official decision on the matter.

Varun is currently training with the Kolkata Knight Riders in Mumbai. Following the injury, the player spent three months at the National Cricket Academy recovering from fitness.

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Last Updated Feb 28, 2021 8:44 PM IST



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