Facts about the discovery of the bodies of mutilated victims in Kalibata City, starting with the search for missing persons

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – A corpse was found on the 16th floor of the Ebony Tower Kalibata City Apartment, Pancoran, Jakarta on Wednesday (9/16/2020) night.

The corpse of the male sex was found in a room that was not intact, allegedly being a victim of mutilation.

The victim’s body had an unpleasant odor. The victim is thought to have been kept by the perpetrator for days.

Chronology of the discovery of the corpse

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Pancoran Police, Iptu Supardi explained, the discovery of the body began when members of the Polda Metro Jaya arrested a person in the Depok area, West Java.

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The arrests were related to reports of missing persons with the initials RHW, some time ago.

“Earlier that person was taken to Polda (Metro Jaya) and was immediately arrested by a member of the Polda. Yes, it is true that initially the missing person reported,” said Supardi, Wednesday.

Supardi emphasized that the alleged murder incident did not take place in the apartment room where the victim was found.

The victim is known to have been killed and mutilated in the Central Jakarta area. Only then was the victim stored in the Kalibata City apartment room.

“Yes, here only to the victim’s place. If they do (mutilation) in the Juanda area, Central Jakarta,” he said.

Supardi has not been able to explain more about the case because it is currently being handled by Polda Metro Jaya.

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Starting from a missing person case

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus, when confirmed, confirmed that the bodies found had previously been reported missing since 9 September 2020.

“The initials are RHW, which states since 9 (September) they have been lost,” said Yusri.

At that time, the victim’s family made a report to Polda Metro Jaya, three days later, on September 12, 2020, to be precise.

The police also conducted an investigation and found the victim was dead.

“An investigation was carried out and found bodies in the apartment,” he said.

Wrapped in crackle

When found, the mutilated victim’s body was wrapped in a plastic bag.

Pieces of his body were put in a suitcase stored in a room in the apartment.

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“The condition is mutilated, the pieces are wrapped in plastic bags and put in a suitcase,” said Yusri.

After processing the crime scene (TKP), the victim’s body was taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta.

Yusri explained, based on the initial examination it was confirmed that the body of SHW was reported missing earlier.

“We did an initial autopsy and indeed the results of the initial autopsy confirmed that the person concerned was R (SHW) according to the LP (police report),” said Yusri.

The perpetrator is more than one person

The police also have the identity of the suspect in the victim’s murder.

The murder was allegedly carried out by a number of people.

“The perpetrators have been identified. There are several, more than one perpetrator has been identified,” said Yusri.

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Yusri said the motive for this murder was not yet known. All identified perpetrators are in hot pursuit.

“Right now we are pursuing the perpetrators,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the manager of the Kalibata City Apartment in South Jakarta is still checking CCTV camera footage related to the discovery of the body of a man who is said to be a mutilation victim.

“(CCTV footage) Tower E is still being checked,” said General Manager of Kalibata City Apartments, Ishak Lopung when confirmed.

Until now, Kalibata City Apartments have coordinated with Polda Metro Jaya to reveal the case of the discovery of the body.


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