“Factor” duo “Insanity” intends to film a video in Spain

The duo “Insanity” with Signija Taranenko and Alexander Tugushev gave in to a crazy idea and went on a spontaneous trip to Spain to film a video for their first song.

“It is said that spontaneous ideas are the best and the crazy world belongs to them. We say, it’s just madness! ” the duo talks about the realization of an unexpected idea.

Last Tuesday, young people had the idea to film a video of their song in Malaga’s old town, and on Wednesday they looked for opportunities to do so – information on airfare, accommodation and pandemic restrictions has been clarified.

Flight tickets have been purchased on Thursday afternoon, but on Friday morning, “Madness” has left for Spain to look for the best filming locations and shoot the first test shots in the popular Malaga on the same day. On Saturday, intensive filming took place throughout the day and the last location was on the waterfront of Malaga, capturing the most beautiful moments of the sunset. On Sunday afternoon, the couple has already returned to Riga to continue working on the new song and its video, which will be presented in February. The crazy “Madness” promises to announce the exact date soon on its profile on the social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

It should be reminded that the duo “Neprāts” has united two talented young people – a backing vocalist, singer and assistant pharmacist Signija Taranenko, who also performs the stage name Signia, and the personality of the radio “Radio Skonto” and LTV1 “4. studio ”manager Aleksandrs Tuguševs. They created their musical duo shortly before participating in last year’s television show “X Factor”.

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