FACT CHECK: Video of a lunar eclipse occurring at the North Pole is not true

Merdeka.com – A video claiming a lunar eclipse at the North Pole has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the moon appears at a very close distance from Earth’s surface, before obscuring the sun and darkening what the North Pole claims.

The sighting of the moon and an eclipse at the North Pole, don’t believe it, please prove it there.…“write account” Facebook Moslem Mart Tulungagung, 23 May 2021.


The search results, launched from Kompas.com, Researcher at Pussainsa LAPAN, Andi Princeg said the video was not a video of a lunar eclipse at the North Pole.

“After I saw the video, it was a hoax,” said Andi.

Andi said the video was not a lunar eclipse video. But the video simulated that the moon was 10 times closer than it is today.

“There the case is not a lunar eclipse but a solar eclipse, more precisely the occultation of the sun, because the size of the moon is much larger than the sun,” said Andi.

According to Andi, the video circulating was an edited video and juxtaposing it with the narrative that it was a lunar eclipse made it misinformation.

“The video itself is more of an edit, or the technical language: simulation. Because with the current distance of the moon (384,400 km), the size (which is visible to the eye) is still the same, not as big as in the video,” said Andi.

Andi explained that the last GBT could not be seen at both poles. However, because the sun is in the northern hemisphere, at the South Pole, the moon will not rise. So that GBT cannot be seen from either the North Pole or the South Pole.

“As for the May 26 GBT, which I reiterated yesterday, it cannot be witnessed at both poles,” said Andi.

According to The Print website, the video is an animation created by a user, Aleksey___nx, on TikTok.

He also explained that during a full moon many photographers zoom in on the moon with a distant object in the foreground, making it appear larger than buildings or trees. However, the angle in the current video seems to make it look quite close to the surrounding object.

However, the moon is not as close as shown in the video, when viewed from such a close location without an obvious zoom. In the clip, there is also no reflection of the moon in the lake below. The moon also appears too bright to also be seen at sunrise.

It also doesn’t rotate on its axis in the video, and as it passes through the camera to the opposite side, the far side of the Moon appears visible. This is impossible because the Moon is tidally locked to Earth, and we can only see one face of the moon at a time.

In addition, it is not true that the video is from the Arctic region between the territorial claims of Russia and Canada, an area of ​​prairie that is visible within it. Shows that the video is from a different terrain than the snowy North Pole.


Video claims of a lunar eclipse occurring at the North Pole are false. In fact, the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26 could not be witnessed from either the North Pole or the South Pole.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source so that it can be justified.


https://theprint.in/hoaxposed/viral-video-showing-a-gigantic-moon-eclipsing-the-sun-in-the-arctic-is-fake/666167/ [lia]



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