Fact Check: [SALAH] Website of the Covid-19 Vaccine Portal “corporate-realty.co”

Fact Check Result of Natalia Kristian (Member of the Commissariat of MAFINDO University of Indonesia).

The website is fake and is a phishing technique to get other people’s personal data. Vaccine recipients will receive an SMS from PEDULICOVID to re-register for vaccination, and determine the vaccination schedule recorded on P-care. Checking the status of vaccine recipients can be checked on the pedulil Protected.id site which is devoted to health workers.

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CATEGORY: Fabricated Content

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“Welcome Portal Vaksin Covid19”

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Circulating a website portal that collects NIK numbers and passwords to be able to check the acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine. After being traced, the website is fake and is a phishing technique that makes other people provide personal data to unofficial links, forms, or websites whose purpose is unclear so that it can be misused by irresponsible parties.

Based on Decree number HK.02.02 / 4/1/2021 regarding technical guidelines for vaccination in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The flow of vaccine acceptance is by receiving notification via SMS from PEDULICOVID and re-registering to choose a place and service schedule via SMS 1199, UMB * 119 #, the application and website pedulilindung.id, or through the local Babinsa / Babinkamtibmas. Verified data on vaccine recipients, vaccination schedules and the type of vaccine given are recorded in the Pcare application which can be accessed via a browser or using an application. The medical team can access vaccine recipient data through the P-care website.

Judging from this explanation, the Covid-19 vaccine portal website is not true and is a fake website so it is included in the Fake Content / Fabricated Content category.

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