“Faceprint” to facilitate the educational process

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, has adopted the use of faceprint technology to facilitate the educational process of students as a first step to generalize the experience in subsequent phases.
This occurred during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, and Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Al Mualla, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, at the Ministry of the Interior building.
Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili said that this memorandum falls within the enthusiasm and directives of the UAE government calling for the use of the fingerprint system to advance the digital transformation process by the government and private sectors ​​within the emerging technologies in improving the digital quality of life and in the framework of the willingness of both sides to improve the digital transformation process Digital transformation and artificial intelligence technologies, consultation on proposals and opportunities for improvement in these areas.
He stressed that this memorandum between the two sides aims to ensure the provision of all administrative services in compliance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency, and to implement and strengthen the country’s strategy in building an integrated system that provides proactive and optimal services, support the decisions made and implement the country’s strategy in artificial intelligence.
For his part, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Mualla, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, explained that the Ministry wishes to be proactive in adopting smart services that make life easier for the public, improve system efficiency educational , consolidate the vision of wise leadership and are in line with the decisions of the UAE Government in facilitating services, qualitative and intelligent transformation and facilitating customers’ procedures to obtain services easily, quickly and safely.
This is part of the Ministry of Education’s response to the needs of the transition to smart services and its inclusion within its education system to ensure the quality of services and improve the quality of education. Services are smooth, fast and sure. Under this memorandum, which is part of efforts to improve the UAE’s advanced position in international competitiveness indicators, the target fingerprint will be used by the Ministry of Education to develop services and use them first to facilitate access of students to exams at any time and anywhere without the need for traditional identification methods, which help to raise the level of services and achieve the ease and quality of life and safety of the student while preserving his right to take his exams, as well as promoting a healthy environment by reducing the need for contact when using official identification documents.
The facial imprint service provided by the Ministry of Interior has been developed to keep pace with the UAE government’s aspirations to provide government services without the need to visit service centres, with directives from the Cabinet to start to exploit the facial imprint service for the public and private individuals led by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to support national institutions in providing unique and secure smart services for the public.
The Ministry of the Interior has signed a series of Memoranda of Understanding with national public and private sector institutions, in the light of an active effort to improve the use of faceprint technology, as an innovative technical method with high accuracy and specific speed in fields of biometric matching that rely on advanced science and artificial intelligence techniques.

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