Faced with outcry, Blizzard opens automatic refunds for Warcraft III Reforged – News

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Just turn to Battle.net support and fulfill the conditions necessary to obtain reimbursement of Warcraft III Reforged (€ 29.99 for the classic version). Without any justification other than the purchase of the game, for a refund instantaneous.

With an average of 0.5 out of 10 right now, this revised and corrected version of the great classic of real-time strategy undergoes a review bombing who doesn’t seem to want to end. We currently exceed 21,000 (very) negative evaluations on the 22,000 identified by the famous aggregator, a sign that the players’ anger is up to the expectations placed in the game since its announcement at BlizzCon 2018.

A situation motivated by the many hiccups of the launch: not only has this Remaster turned out to be less beautiful than the playable preversions, but Blizzard has also chosen to review the general conditions of use to assume an exclusive property right on any new creation derived from this Reforged version. A way to lock the exploitation of any third-party initiative as was DotA in its time. Need I remind you, this mod gave birth to the MOBA phenomena that are still today League of Legends and Dota 2, two titles that made the fortune of two competing companies.

Add to these grievances the obligation to update the old Warcraft 3 client for the benefit of this new version, the changes made to the campaigns custom, the many options missing in terms of interface, playing comfort and online multiplayer, and multiple freezes / crashes which are the only concern that we did not have to deplore at the time of the test, on our side. That being said, the refund will not allow you to go back to the old version of Warcraft III or even to the old servers, even for those who did not wish to benefit from the update. Unless you reinstall your old CD and deprive yourself of any update via Battle.net. And therefore online fashion.

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