Facebook wants to integrate an in-app browser into the mobile app

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for the right reasons. The company created by Mark Zuckerberg is trying in some way to improve its image, in particular by making changes to its platform.

According to rumors, the social network is preparing for integration a browser within the mobile application itself. Facebook would obviously be the big beneficiary of this feature, as it would allow users to view the content of a publication without leaving the application, as was the case before. The new implementation would be more comprehensive than Instant Articles, an integrated browser surrogate that only iOS app users have enjoyed until now.

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It will then be possibleopen news feed posts in a home browser. Logically, it will also be possible to share links in the menu of this browser. According to Betonmobile, not all types of links will be immediately supported and, for starters, only links to photos and videos can be shared. In the coming weeks, other types of publications should be added to the list of shareable links and the other Meta applications (WhatsApp and Instagram in this case) will benefit from these features.

Thanks to the in-app browser, users will no longer leave Facebook

The Facebook browser, whose search bar should be at the top of the screen, will offer most of the features available on competing browsers, namely text and / or voice search, the ability to save links to offline consultation, the creation of a widget to access a site from the home page.

Facebook is under heavy fire of criticism, no doubt rightly so. Recall that a study recently published by cybersecurity experts reveals that Meta, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications are the most dangerous in terms of personal data security. Embedding a browser into these already highly intrusive platforms will then provide the company with even more information about users. If the rumor is true, Facebook’s in-app browser is expected to roll out to devices in the coming weeks Android only.

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