Facebook: these signs that show that your account is hacked

Hacking a Facebook account has become commonplace today. Many users of this important social network are regularly victims of it. Discover in this article some warning signs that should challenge you.

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There are several signs that someone else besides you is using your Facebook account. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Here are some signs:

Your profile picture has been changed, but not by you.

Comments and photos that you didn’t send are posted on your behalf on your wall or other pages.

Your Facebook friends receive unusual messages from you (to encourage them to go to questionable sites or even to send money, for example), messages that you never sent.

Photos you don’t know have been posted on your wall.

A computer, phone, or location that you don’t recognize appears in the list of connections to your Facebook account.

You receive emails from Facebook indicating that you have changed your password or changed your email address, without you being the source of the request.

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You can no longer log in to your account with your usual password.

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