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After having resumed the activity of the streamlining of Microsoft, resulting in the closure next Mix, Facebook offers a studio of video games, known for its exclusives, PlayStation, Ready at Dawn.

After GIPHY last may, Facebook ad in a press release will be offered Ready at Dawn. If you do not know this studio located in Irvine, yet it is famous for having first developed exclusives for PlayStation. He is Daxter on PSP, but also God of War : Chains of Olympusand then God of War : Ghost of Sparta.

It is, however, The Order : 1886 that has made him famous, notably by offering experience impressive visually on PlayStation 4but nevertheless too short and too simple.

Not being able to bounce back after the fumble on the title – thought of as a franchise, the studio is shot in 2017 to virtual realityby signing Lone Echo. Developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift, the title was a commercial success, so much so that a sequel was announced 2018.

It is in this context that intervenes tonight the purchase of Facebook, which offer so Ready at Dawn to ensure that her VR helmet exclusives of weight.

In its press release celebrating the occasion, the social network indicates that it is not yet ready to unveil the future projects of the studio, which will retain a relative autonomy. However, it is now unlikely that we see one day a sequel to The Order : 1886…

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