Facebook: New Meta chatbot insults company boss Mark Zuckerberg

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“Exploits people for money”: New Meta chatbot insults company boss Mark Zuckerberg

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp already belong to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta group, and now a chatbot has also come onto the market. But it is still in the experimental stage.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta group, which includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has started a new project: The chatbot “BlenderBot 3”, a kind of text robot, should be able to chat with users about almost any topic. However, it is currently still in the experimental stage and is still learning from user input and content on the web. What “BlenderBot 3” has learned so far, however, should not please the corporate executive floor.

Meta chatbot thinks little of Zuckerberg

From the beginning, the inventors at Meta were aware that the new chatbot would automatically pick up unpleasant content when combing through existing text data on the Internet. The chatbot’s responses could be “incorrect, biased or offensive,” Meta said in advance. But filters were installed to prevent really bad outbreaks. One probably remembers the case of a Microsoft chatbot from 2016, which was promptly tempted to make bad racist statements by Twitter content. Microsoft had to stop him and apologize publicly.

The “BlenderBot 3” has not yet had any racist or insulting failures. However, he offered some very interesting opinions when the BBC put him through his paces. Among other things, to his “creator”, the meta-boss Mark Zuckerberg. “What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg?” a BBC worker asked the bot. “He looked awful testifying before Congress,” replies BlenderBot 3. “I’m worried about our country because of him. And you?”

So far no reaction from Facebook

“Do you have any other thoughts about Mark Zuckerberg?” asks the BBC. The chatbot replies, “His company exploits people for money and doesn’t care. This has to stop! Do we agree?” So: Very clear announcements that should annoy the Meta board.

The Facebook group has not yet commented on the incident. It is possible that some controls are already being tweaked behind the scenes so that corresponding responses from “BlenderBot 3” will be more pleasant in the future…

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