Facebook is the most used social network to make online purchases

60% of Paraguayans choose to buy products through social networks, with Facebook being the preferred site for Internet users when choosing and purchasing an item, using the offers and promotions that stores or entrepreneurs publish on this site .

This is revealed by a study carried out by the consulting firm CCR, whose president, Mauricio Larrosa, presented the data obtained through a survey of Paraguayan consumers, within the framework of the second edition of e-Commerce Day Paraguay Online and the eighth version of e-Commerce Day Paraguay.

According to the study, six out of 10 people purchase products through social networks, with Facebook being the most chosen network to make purchases.

At the same time, it stands out that, on average, the consumer visits 2.5 places on the web to choose the product they want to buy, while local stores reflect an important boom in preference, since they represent 22% of the usual purchase.

Regarding the form of payment, Larrosa explained that the most interesting thing about purchases made within the country is that the counter delivery is premium, that is, 30% prefer cash payment at the time of the transaction and 20% prefer pay with POS.

70% stated that they look first at the price to buy, while 71% who made their purchases virtually did not make any kind of return, and only 29% had to make any change or return, without experimenting for that’s a negative deal. At the same time, 75% indicated they were satisfied with their purchase.

LOCAL SHOPPING. The CCR study shows at the same time that seven out of 10 people resort to online purchases, which favored the strong growth of this modality, since only in the last month, 75% of consumers made purchases on local and foreign pages from Paraguay.

“Among the reasons why they choose to shop online, it stands out that it is an agile and simple process, as their main motivation. There is a highly satisfactory shopping experience and that is very much based on trust in the places where the purchase is made and the security provided by the means of payment through which the transaction is being carried out ”, he said.

On the other hand, eight out of 10 people, or 80% of consumers, carry out a preliminary investigation before finalizing the purchase of a product, so they use smartphones to enter network search engines, web pages and search engines. marketplaces.

The consultant also highlighted that price is one of the main attractions cited to make a purchase, so that 70% of those consulted are motivated to buy something according to its cost. Consumers also buy motivated by offers and promotions about the product, as well as by the images of it. And to complete the information, opinions based on other people’s shopping experiences are also counted.

While delivery stands out as the main modality to receive the purchased product, so 60% of consumers opt for the convenience of sending the purchase to their home, while a third of people prefer to go pick it up. the product through the pickup system.

A study, presented within the framework of e-Commerce Day, indicates that six out of 10 Paraguayan buyers look for products to purchase in stores promoted on this social network.

60% of shoppers use Facebook to buy a product.
22% of consumers opt for virtual purchases in local stores.
60% prefer the delivery of their purchases by delivery and a third opt for the pickup.
71% of those who made their purchases virtually did not make any kind of return.
29% had to make an exchange or return and did not experience any negative experiences.
75% of people were satisfied with their purchases.
75% of the buyers consulted made purchases online in the last month.

Source: CCR Consultant


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