Facebook Improves Messenger Application Security System

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAFacebook update security system on the application Messengger. This update allows users of the Mesengger application on iPhone and iPad devices, to be locked using Face ID or Touch ID.

According to information from The Verge, a security feature called App Lock can already be used by Messenger users in its latest update. This feature provides a sense of security for users when interacting with each other.

Facebook announced with this feature, users have more options to maintain chat privacy on Facebook Messenger. When opening the application, users only need to enter fingerprint or face data that has been registered previously.

This latest feature also makes it easier for users to stay safe even if the phone is unlocked. Currently this security feature is still present for Facebook Messenger users on iPhone and iPad devices.

For information, Touch ID and Face ID are features of the iOS operating system. As for Android phones, this feature is still under development.

Nevertheless, Facebook hasn’t provided further information regarding the release time security system of Messengger for Android.

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