Facebook group “Schöneck in Pictures” is dedicated to the most beautiful parts of the community

Futuristic: wind turbines in the evening light. Göran Thalheim succeeded in recording this. He regularly posts pictures to the group.

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Wind turbines in the sunset, snow-covered fields, flowers in close-up or animals in the focus of the lens – the Facebook group “Schöneck in Pictures” puts the most beautiful aspects of the community in the right light. Founded at the end of August, the photo group is already enjoying great popularity just a few months later: it has 351 members shortly before the turn of the year. “Especially in times of Corona, it is good to be able to concentrate on the positive. The pictures are a nice distraction, ”says Markus Ditzel, who started the group together with his wife Jessica in the summer and acts as a moderator.

Schöneck – This is how it all started: Due to the pandemic, he was more involved in photography this year and acquired a new camera. He tries out the possibilities on his forays into the community. “As an accountant, I have a rather dry job, but in my free time I am more creative,” said the 36-year-old in an interview with our newspaper. He seldom takes specific photo tours, but when he goes for a walk with his wife and young son, the camera is always with him. “There is almost always something that strikes you. The motives do not run out ”, says the Kilianstadt native.

Jessica and Markus Ditzel from Schöneck.

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Ditzel likes to exchange ideas with other hobby photographers. He came across similar sites on the net. “In Nidderau, for example, there is also a photo group,” he says. So he got the idea to create “Schöneck in Pictures”. For him, it’s about conveying fun in photography and exchanging ideas with others. “There are many passive members who just enjoy the beautiful motifs. But Schöneck also has a lot to offer in terms of talented amateur photographers, ”emphasizes Ditzel. For many people, photography is a book with seven seals. He would be happy to help with tips. He is often asked how certain pictures were created. People are very interested.

The kestrel has its surroundings firmly in view. The motif was captured by group member Winfried Heilmann.

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As a moderator, he receives a message as soon as a new picture has been posted. He divides this into categories. Users can filter the motifs by “nature and weather”, “winter and Christmas” and “animals” – depending on their interests. Almost every day there is a new motif to discover on the site, explains the founder. There are snapshots of sunrises, but there are also motivated mushroom pickers who skillfully stage their finds. Animal motifs are also popular. It is not a question of sharing a perfect picture with the group. Some posts are just plain fun. Like the snapshot of Uwe Christof, who shows the neighbour’s cat with its “playmate”, a little mouse. A motif that makes the viewer smile.

Markus Ditzel himself also enjoys editing and alienating his pictures with appropriate programs. He recently posted a photo of a lightning bolt over the Thylmann mill in Kilianstädten, the area bathed in red light. For this he provided the original. “Zack, the magic is over. All image processing except the perspective and the motif itself, ”he writes. The result can still be seen and shows what possibilities modern technology offers.

The focus of Patricia and Arne Borkowski’s camera on this motif is a butterfly nibbling nectar on a flower.

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The passionate hobby photographer has one big wish for 2021: a personal meeting with members of the group “Schöneck in Pictures”. “Maybe we could take a photo tour together,” he says. At least there is hope that more personal contacts will be possible again in the coming year.

The social networks have recently fallen into disrepute because of the many hateful comments. But the members of “Schöneck in Pictures” show that there is another way. Their message is: share beautiful things. That, too, is a way of facing the difficult situation.

Close-up: a beautiful flower. Christa Jäger has some of them to offer.

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