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Facebook data of 17 million Colombians were stolen, says Police

The news was confirmed by Colonel Julián Barrera, head of the Cybernetic Center of the National Police, who in dialogue with Snail News He said that the information was known after a hacker summit that was held in Europe and in which everything was exposed.

“533 million accounts were leaked on a hacking forum. Of this total, 17 million accounts are in Colombia ”, the official began by saying.

Colonel Barrera warned that once cybercriminals get hold of this information, users receive a message that says the following: “Oh no. Your following information has been compromised and is now public. “

After reviewing the data leak, the Police found the Facebook ID, the identification with names and surnames of the victim, the city where the person is located, his place of work and his employment relationship.

With all this information in their possession, the Police assured that the Criminals proceed to make “a profile” of the victim in order to apply modalities such as “cyber extortion, theft, fraud and non-consensual transfer of assets.”

How to check if your Facebook private data was stolen?

The officer recommended that in case a person realizes that their social media data was stolen, the first thing they should do immediately is check the page “Leaks.titan.co/fb/”, either with the phone number, the url or the Facebook ID.

There you will be able to check what kind of information was stolen from you, as the image of an open red padlock will appear. If the image is green, that means that the data is still protected.

The Police recommended periodically changing passwords, profile photos and information that is public, as this will help protect your data on the networks.

These are some suggestions that the authorities gave and a link for you to report any irregularity.

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