Facebook crypto wallet, what is Novi, Facebook’s NFT, Wallet

This year has been a boom for cryptocurrencies and games based on them, which is why Facebook has not been left behind and is preparing to venture into the NFT with its own crypto wallet. It is not the first time that the social network has in mind to make use of virtual wallets; already in the past announced its own cryptocurrency called Diem, and now you step into your own Wallet. Are you curious to know more? We have done our research and this is what we know.

Making your way into the world of cryptocurrencies

Everything seems to indicate that the new Facebook wallet is ready and will be called New. Only the final details are missing to be able to officially launch it together with its Diem cryptocurrency. It is expected that it will be launched in late 2021 or early 2022, as a stablecoin that will maintain its value over time and is intended to be used to make transactions within the platform. However, the currency may be used outside of it in other markets and wallets. (Also read: Twitter tests the “I don’t like” button in iOS users)


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