Facebook critical of Apple’s text messaging apps policy

Messenger boss Chudnovsky tells this in a conversation with The Information.

Since software update iOS 14, Apple has allowed to change the default apps for emails and web browsing on an iPhone or iPad. But changing the app in which text messages arrive is still not possible.

Chudnovsky regrets that. “We believe people should choose which messaging app is the default,” he says. “That is already happening with all other types of apps.” With the Googe operating system Android, the SMS app can be changed.

Chudnovsky says that he has advocated for change at Apple several times in recent years, but has not received a response to this day.


It is unclear why Apple does not want to change the SMS app, but it may have to do with the chat service iMessage. On iPhones, this automatically changes incoming SMS messages into online messages that do not take anything from the SMS bundle.

If Apple changed the default app, there would suddenly be far fewer iPhones that can receive such an automatically adjusted iMessage.

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