Facebook account hacked: AdvoAdvice law firm successfully helped regain access

The law firm AdvoAdvice was able to successfully help a woman from Cologne get her Facebook account back. Although the person concerned had already acted herself, the steps taken were unsuccessful. However, after seeking help from the law firm AdvoAdvice, access to her account was restored.

No access to around 3,000 followers

On May 18, 2022, a woman from Cologne contacted the AdvoAdvice law firm because her Facebook account was hacked by a third person on March 16, 2022.

At the time, the victim had around 3,000 followers, but the hack no longer gave her any access to his profile. Furthermore, the second site manager was removed by hackers, so that there was no longer any possibility of accessing this site in any other way.

The interested party therefore attempted to regain access to his account on 16 March 2022 following the instructions on the Facebook site at the address https://www.facebook.com/hacked following. However, this was not successful because the release code was not sent to the e-mail address of the Cologne woman, but to an e-mail address unknown to the data subject.

With the current new primary email address, only hackers had access to the profile. The sending of the access codes was therefore not useful, as these were also sent to the hackers and prevented the data subject from entering the code.

Efforts to unlock without success

As a result, the woman from Cologne could not regain access to her account or activate it. Therefore, the customer informed Facebook independently in an e-mail about the problems with activating her account and asked Facebook to delete the unknown e-mail address from her profile and send her an activation code. .

The person concerned tried to enter the password several times until they finally got to the page www.facebook.com/login/identify reached up.

For identification, the woman from Cologne then uploaded photos of her identity card. She also tried to gain access to the hacked profile through Facebook employees. However, this also failed.

How did the victim manage to regain access to his account?

After the data subject did everything possible to regain access to his account, but all attempts failed, he contacted the Berlin law firm AdvoAdvice Rechtsanwälte mbB, which specializes in these cases.

Lawyer dr. Raphael Rohrmoser contacted Meta Platforms Ireland as a Facebook operator in a letter dated May 20, 2022, in which he pointed out that Facebook support did not respond to the Cologne native’s email in a meaningful way, but only provided a response. standard. He also asked Facebook to immediately grant the data subject exclusive access to their profile, in which Facebook should make the relevant access code available to the data subject directly and exclusively.

Legally justified Dr. Rohrmoser his claim, in which he refers to the user contract for participation in the social network between the data subject and Facebook or Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. reported. From this contract, the resident of Cologne, as the account holder, has the right to access the respective profile and the right to the transmission of the necessary and functional access data.

Facebook initially responded to this letter with just another standard email, but re-granted access on the night of May 26, 2022 to May 27, 2022.

Immediately after accessing the profile, however, it was already clear that the hacker had removed the data subject and her husband as the site operator. As a result, the page is no longer accessible to any natural person. Only by contacting “Meta” again and exchanging several emails was it possible to access the page again after almost 5 months from the hacking.


The specific case is one of the many procedures that the AdvoAdvice law firm is conducting from a Facebook and Meta perspective.

Lawyer dr. Rohrmoser summed up in this regard:

As similar as the starting point of the procedures with successful account hacking is, the more the procedures develop in individual cases. In this case, the page access for a popular Facebook page was removed, and it took Facebook several weeks to restore that access. It would be desirable if Facebook’s support were organized differently so that such problems can be solved more efficiently. “

If your Facebook account has also been hacked and you want to regain access to your profile, please feel free to contact us on 030 921 000 40 and arrange a conversation about enforcing your access rights. You can also request our mandate documents and the Facebook questionnaire at [email protected]

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