Face China, US Strengthens Military Bases in Guam to Australia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

United States of America reportedly planning to enlarge and strengthen its military base in Guam and Australia in the face of threats China which continues to spread in the area Indo-Pacific.

President Joe Biden is said to have ordered Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to develop the plan immediately after taking office in the White House in February 2021.

Biden’s request was prompted by the Pentagon’s assessment of the global security threat to the United States contained in US Global Posture Review.

The assessment is confidential. However, a Pentagon official provided few details about the assessment.

Acting US Undersecretary of Defense, Mara Karlin, said Biden “recently approved” Austrian findings and recommendations from the global posture assessment.

Karlin said the Indo-Pacific region was Biden’s main focus. He quoted Defense Minister Austin as saying that the threat to Chinese influence was greatest in the region.

In order to deal with the Chinese threat, the Pentagon’s assessment explained that the US needed to upgrade its “military infrastructure in Guam and Australia”.

The US was also asked to prioritize military development along the Pacific islands.

Karlin said in Australia, Guam and the Pacific Islands, the US plans to deploy new fighters and bombers, as well as training army personnel to increase logistical cooperation.

The Pentagon’s Global Posture Review also encouraged the US to reduce the deployment of logistics and troops in Europe and other regions of the world to focus on the Indo-Pacific region.

“To be able to develop war readiness and increase activity (in the Indo-Pacific),” Karlin said at a press conference on Monday (29/11) as quoted CNN.

Meanwhile, the US Ministry of Defense refused to provide specific information regarding the US strategy against Russia.

However, an official from the US Ministry of Defense said that in general the recommendation for the government is to re-establish the standard of war preparedness, so that the military is quick to respond to emerging crisis threats.

The US military is also working to rebuild readiness in Eastern Europe. The aim of the development is to strengthen combat prevention against Russia.

Meanwhile for the Middle East region, the Pentagon’s review leads to support against the defeat of ISIS, with the US military presence in Iraq and Syria. The Pentagon will also continue to work on building the capabilities of partner forces in those countries.

Afghanistan is also not officially included in the US global stance review. US officials said there was a separate process led by the US National Security Council specifically addressing the US role in Afghanistan’s future.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon review did not include recommendations for the development of nuclear weapons, the US space armed forces, or cyber defense.


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