Fabrice Muller and his students from the Conservatory of Montluçon (Allier) made a clip to keep in touch and smile during confinement

During the first confinement, Fabrice Muller, jazz teacher at the André-Messager conservatory in Montluçon (Allier), and some of his students had recorded a clip. They took over Happy, the song by Pharrell Williams.

A song written and composed by the jazz group

For this new confinement, the musician, author and composer, went even further by making a clip, always with his students, but with a song of their composition: Must not let go.

“When we knew we were going to be reconfigured, I immediately composed and recorded a melody with different instruments. I then sent it to several students and asked them to rewrite the scores based on the notes they heard. When I received their edited scores, I sent the melody to two students to write lyrics, which they had never done before. This song was a real team effort. “

Fabrice Muller (jazz teacher at the André-Messanger conservatory)

For the teacher, it was important to have a very simple melody, accessible to everyone, with happy lyrics. A successful bet:

Images and sound captured with cell phones

Once the words and music were set, Fabrice Muller sent the song back to his thirteen students. They filmed and recorded themselves playing or singing.

They performed and sang with headphones or earphones. They all had music played with synthetic instruments in their ears and each had to replay their score over it. It’s difficult because you have to be precise. I then had a lot of mixing work, because there is a sound problem with cell phones. There was a sound of breath. The end result is not bad.

Fabrice Muller

The clip images were edited by Lucas Ranoux, the brother of a bassist student of Fabrice Muller.

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Maintain connection and motivation in the face of isolation

The objective of this project for Fabrice Muller was to keep the link with his students, that they remain motivated even though they are far from each other and from the conservatory.

“After the first confinement, I could see their motivation when we resumed face-to-face lessons. It is difficult when you are a musician to be alone at home with your clarinet or your drums. I also have two students with disabilities, a visually impaired student and an autistic student. For them, it is particularly hard. “

Fabrice Muller

An intense but rewarding project

It took Fabrice Muller, his students and Lucas Ranoux, three weeks of intense work to produce the song and the clip. But no one regrets having embarked on this challenge:

This song allowed students who came from different groups, who did not know each other, to work together. I have students of all ages. I was able to bring together different generations. The project has been very rewarding.

Fabrice Muller

Today, Fabrice Muller and his students are impatiently waiting to meet again during jazz lessons at the Montluçon conservatory. The teacher has already planned for the cover to debrief them on the whole conception of the song. Must not let go and its clip.

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