Fabio Fulco marries Veronica and returns to attack the ex Cristina Chiabotto

Fabio Fulco is ready to get married. After the sentimental blow with Cristina Chiabotto, the Neapolitan actor left with the model and entrepreneur Veronica Papa. Despite the age difference – he 50 years, she 25 – Fabio and Veronica are very in tune. And the recent experience of quarantine has further strengthened the bond so much that Fulco is ready to marry the Pope. Moreover, the former protagonist of A place in the sun has never hidden the desire to start a family and now seems to have found the right woman, the one with whom to achieve the same goals. In an interview with the weekly Int Intimacy Fulco he confided that he is seriously thinking about marriage with Veronica and despite the age difference both are ready to share an important life project.

Fabio Fulco happily engaged to Veronica Papa

“During the lockdown between me and Veronica it went perfectly. We got to know each other thoroughly, test our relationship and strengthen it. In short, the test was successfully passed. We are seriously thinking about marriage “Fabio Fulco told Intimacy. “The meeting with Veronica was a gift: we met a year ago through mutual friends during a work situation, I began to woo her and slowly we got closer, until we find ourselves where we are now. And finally I’m going back to caress my dream of always building a family. Veronica is young, she is half of my years old, but like me she would like children “, he added. And among the various confidences there has been an arrow a Cristina Chiabotto, the former historian with whom Fulco shared twelve years of life. Despite good intentions, the former Miss Italy has severed relationships by disappointing Fabio, who dreamed of a future with Cristina.

Fabio Fulco’s last words on Cristina Chiabotto

“I was hurt not so much by the person himself as by the disappointment at breaking my life plan and above all by the way in which this happened. Stories can end, it happens and it’s certainly not for me to judge, but the ways in which we talk and act always make the difference, ways that should always show respect for the other people involved. And in my case, however, those were wrong. But now, in hindsight, I’m starting to think that maybe that was the price to pay to prepare to receive what I have today “, Fabio Fulco explained. The actor has not maintained any friendship with Cristina Chiabotto who, after the farewell to Fulco, is married to Marco Roscio. The break between Fabio and Cristina was very stormy and the two preferred to end relationships.

Fabio Fulco and Cristina Chiabotto, new life partners

Last September Cristina Chiabotto married the entrepreneur Marco Roscio after just two years of engagement. The soubrette has chosen to set aside her work for a while to devote herself to private life. After the wedding, the intent is to expand the family. Fabio Fulco only met at the beginning of this year Veronica Papa, an entrepreneur from Pescara, model and finalist of Miss Italy and Miss World. A relationship that proved to be immediately important, so much so that the two are willing to soon become husband and wife.

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