F10 and the Baloise Group release insurance APIs on F10 FinTech Sandbox

December 09, 2020, 7:41 am

Zurich – A year ago, Switzerland-based FinTech Incubator & Accelerator F10 launched the first FinTech sandbox of its kind to give FinTech startups easy access to APIs for banks and insurance companies. Several insurance APIs from the F10 partner Bâloise are now being added to the F10 sandbox, paving the way for open insurance in Switzerland.

The F10 FinTech Sandbox developed by ndgit, a Munich-based company and F10 alumni, was first introduced in 2019 with a PSD2 API and then quickly through other projects, in particular b.Link from SIX Group, which connects third parties with leading banks in Switzerland, expanded. The idea behind the F10 FinTech Sandbox is to give startups the opportunity to test their solution against established APIs in an easy-to-use setup in order to accelerate cooperation between FinTechs and financial services institutions.

The latest addition to the sandbox are APIs provided by F10 Corporate Partner Bâloise Group. Bâloise is working with the London-based InsurTech company KASKO on the digitization of their insurance products. Several Baloise products, such as multi-item insurance, vacation insurance or cyber insurance, can be accessed via the sandbox, and product integration can be tested with an API key provided by F10.

Pioneer in the insurance industry
Philipp Marty, Head of New Business and Partnerships at Bâloise, says: “For Bâloise-Versicherung, APIs are one of the most important success factors in order to be able to operate successfully in partnerships and ecosystems. We want to be a pioneer in the insurance industry and are proud to be the first Swiss insurance company to achieve this milestone together with our long-term partner F10. This enables the connected startups and other curious companies to test their use cases ”.

The F10 FinTech Sandbox is open to all companies in the F10 ecosystems in Switzerland, Singapore and Spain. The F10 corporate partners as well as other innovative companies can make their APIs available to a diverse and high-quality pool of startups. For more information about the F10 FinTech Sandbox, please contact Deborrah Schaer ([email protected]), Head of the F10 Startup Success program. (F10 / mc / hfu)


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