F1, Vettel confesses: “That’s why I failed in Ferrari”

Sebastian Vettel in an interview with the podcast of Formula 1 ‘Beyond The Grid’ confessed all his bitterness for failing in Ferrari. The four-time world champion German driver had landed in Maranello in 2015 with high hopes, but failed to go beyond two second places in the five years spent with the Cavallino, until the negative climax of 2020.

“I don’t think I’ll look back and I don’t think I’ll have any regrets, it’s true that I set myself the goal of winning the world Championship with Ferrari and I couldn’t, so I failed“.

Vettel returns to a series of mistakes and decisions made in the past that negatively influenced the adventure in red: “There have been things I should have done better, others that maybe I should have seen in advance, battles that maybe I shouldn’t have faced, but on the other hand I believe that everything that happened has brought me to where I am now, and I’m not talking about the things that happen on the track ”.

“When, for example, I lost control of the car at Hockenheim (in 2018) in half wet and half dry conditions, it was considered a low point, but that’s not what I’m talking about. However, if I have to judge myself harshly and honestly, I have failed. Are there any reasons? Probably yes but I’m not looking for excuses. So whatever happened, I think it also took me one step further, to the next level ”.

The German driver goes into more detail in his examination, alluding to some internal conflicts within the team: “Looking back there have been situations that I shouldn’t have faced although in some cases I think I was right, my nature led me to do it, facing small battles and confrontations. Ultimately I understand that these are passages in which you mature and, importantly, I have no regrets, I am happy to go on ”.

OMNISPORT | 07-10-2020 18:40

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