F1, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc’s prediction makes fans dream

Is one Charles Leclerc the one speaking to ‘La Repubblica’ on the eve of Gp dell’Eifel of Formula 1. A positive attitude that derives not so much from what is happening this season, with Ferrari in great difficulty, but from what the future, especially when, in the 2022, the regulations will change.

“In terms of performance, it will be difficult to do a miracle with the car for the 2021 – Leclerc admits -. In 2022 there will be big changes and from then on they will start many years with the same concept of machines. We have to start that phase well, competitive, and with enthusiasm ”is the promise of the young driver, who will turn 23 on October 16.

“To the fans I promise to give my best, di make a show – adds Leclerc -. It has always been very important for me to stay as close to the people who follow me on social, in tv, o in track. Now that it’s harder without an audience, I want to maintain this closeness. Contact, virtual or physical, being accessible to others, is fundamental for me ”.

Leclerc does not hide from the inevitable question about the relationship with Sebastian Vettel, explaining that the tensions of last year and the early farewell do not cancel the estimate towards the four-time world champion: “I think he was pushed even more to show what his true value is, even if we already know it all that is a great driver“.

“I would never allow myself to give it advice – adds the Monegasque -, he has done much more than me in this sport and deserves respect. Our relationship has always been very good. Maybe at first it was a little side for ‘my fault’: I was next to a four-time world champion, it intimidated me, it made me anxious. Over time we have sympathized. Difficult moments? We have always peacefully clarified ”.

Leclerc also talks about the future teammate, Carlos Sainz: “It is very strong and constant. Last year towards the end of the season he asked me if there was a free seat on the Red, I replied that I did not know, but he already had stars in his eyes ”. Come on Mick Schumacher he is sure: “In the Circus for his talent, not for the name”.

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OMNISPORT | 09-10-2020 10:38

F1, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc's prediction makes fans dream Fonte: Getty Images


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