EZ: Premir confirmed the considered government intervention. Divided with redemption would be very expensive

In HN’s day, Premir Fiala confirmed that the government is considering restructuring NO. Divided companies on dv sti, from them to one stt property and pushed the minority owners, according to him is one of the considered options. NO According to him, hrt plays a central role in the interesting energetick esca security. In addition, the government will know how to help companies and households with rstem cen energy. Fiala changed that there are also models where stt influence on the market through the ownership of both manufacturers and traders energy.

The interview confirmed that the government is considering a split NO and pushed the minority owner out of production and the fact that it is only one of many variants of restructuring energy. Displaced minority property would be present cench elektiny na stock market had to be made at high prices, which encourages sentiment on
acci companies. As we wrote it, we would still be very careful and wait for his discussions. Schema with division companies and a buyout would correspond to more than the price of one block nuclear power plantbut the city is divided into seven let byl nklad pro stt in one transaction (and a new block should not). Stt would de facto fix the current high electricity prices na stock market.

There are also others considered variants negative impact rstu cen elektiny to consumers, of which uncertainty is certainly called dividend EZ and their use on au members or (at current very high prices) planks subsidy/patent. Stt m high 70% under v NO a v ppad dividend would receive from the minorities income from 15% tax dividend. The leader will take me as recommended I pout na patent high income from the sale allowances CO2. I nor does the European association ACER, on the other hand, recommend major changes to the current design energetic market that stimulates the first member investment. ACER is proposing rights in terms of market transparency and has made changes. Alternative with redemption is just one of many and for stt pomrn nron. From the perspective of energetick We see safety as a mutually beneficial currently planned model of construction new block in Dukovanywhere Jr. NO due to its know-how to function de facto as the coordinator and operator of the block for the investor stt. Petr Brtek, analyst

esk spoitelna is a bank with the longest traditions on the esk market. For 200 years, it has been one of the basic pillars of the Czech banking system. It currently provides services to piblin 4.7 million clients. Since 2000, it has been part of the multinational financial group Erste Group Bank.

All information on: www.csas.cz

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