Extremely weird way of targeting CSGO, whereby this player was accused of cheating

Kyaerbye has been accused of cheating forever. What was the reason for this?

One of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s pro players has always been suspected of cheating. The player has a very specific type of game, as his crosshair often “wobbles” when shooting at the opponent.

Even now, many CS fans feel that Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye is not being honest, even though the matter has long been clarified.

Why does Kyaerbye’s dating “wobble” so often?

Most likely, the Danish player’s crosshair often shakes due to the way the player is holding the mouse. Kyaerbye operates it in a rather strange way, which can be seen in the material below, where you can see him playing.

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The player himself also commented on the whole thing in one of the interviews when he was still a member of the Astralis organization. In it he says that despite the speculations of the multitude of people – he is not a nervous player and this is not why his crosshair shakes:

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It is also worth adding that due to the “shaking” sight, Kyaerbye uses a rather unusual spray pattern:

What is certain is that the Danish player does not cheat, but simply has a very specific style of play that depends on several factors.

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