Extremely humiliating

Mandy Rhoades (59) from the city of Leeds in England used to get compliments on her beautiful smile.

Now she hardly has any teeth left, writes the news agency South Wales News Service (SWNS).

The woman claims to the news agency that she had been removed from the patient list of her local dentist when she did not show up for a dental appointment seven years ago.

According to the local newspaper Coventry Live there were so many people on the waiting list that they felt compelled to remove her from it.

Tremors were a serious illness

Had surgery

It was in 2016 that the 59-year-old had to undergo a cancer operation, and was therefore unable to attend the dentist’s appointment.

The news agency writes that the woman is on disability insurance, and that she has been on antidepressants due to depression.

It has NOW been seven years since Rhoades was removed from the waiting list.

Since then, she has been fighting to get a new appointment, writes the news agency.

– I have lost 13 teeth. It’s terribly embarrassing, she says.

The local newspaper reports that the woman’s local dentist has moved into new premises after it was taken over by other tenants.

TOOTHLESS: Mandy Rhoades hasn't been to the dentist in seven years.  Photo: Lee McLean/SWNS

TOOTHLESS: Mandy Rhoades hasn’t been to the dentist in seven years. Photo: Lee McLean/SWNS
sea ​​view

Does not accept NHS patients

Rhoades has since tried to contact several dentists to have her teeth fixed, but claims to have been told that none accept NHS patients.

NHS stands for National Health Service, and is the publicly funded healthcare system in England.

Got cancer - blame the doctor

Got cancer – blame the doctor

As an NHS patient, this may mean that you do not have the right to a check-up or cleaning as often as you need, writes a dental center in England on its websites.

In addition, there are some treatments that are not available under the NHS at all.

– For example, cosmetic treatments, dental implants or certain preventive treatments for patients with a low risk of decay, they write.

Tape over the student's mouth

Tape over the student’s mouth

Couldn’t afford it

Although Rhoades begged for another dental appointment, she was told to find a dental center that accepts NHS patients, which to her surprise was several miles away from her home.

– It’s absolutely insane, I only missed the one appointment because of an operation for my tumor. I need to fix my teeth, she tells SWNS.

In 2023, the woman received a dental appointment that would have cost her just over NOK 1,000.

– But I couldn’t afford it since I receive social benefits.

Anniken's sad message: - Crumbling

Anniken’s sad message: – Crumbling

Lack of dentists

A spokesperson from Rhoades’ new dentist apologized to local newspaper Coventry Live.

– We are disappointed to hear that she had this experience with her previous dental office. Our dentists work hard to treat as many people in the community as possible, but unfortunately we understand that many patients struggle to access NHS dental care.

The spokesperson states that the whole of Great Britain is struggling with an acute shortage of dentists, and that the situation has become even more serious after the corona pandemic.

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