Extremely fresh! Trat opens home, can only always, Rayong

Trat FC has only done a scoreless draw with Rayong FC, which has reduced the chances of survival in the top leagues of both teams.

The Black Dragon Horse breaks down Trat FC points without a score. The chances of survival in the top league are less and less.
Competition “Football Toyota Thai League 2020-21”, match 25 at the Central Stadium, Trat Province On Saturday, March 6, 2021, during the “White Elephant Island” Trat FC opened the house to meet “Dragon Nilang Horse” Rayong FC.

The game started 6 minutes ago, Rayong FC had a chance to greet first when Methee Sarakham shone far from outside the left box, the ball fell off the post.

Nor. 9 Rayong continued to attack the residents before Yodrak Na Muangrak opened the ball to Pitbull to shoot very tightly, but the ball fell off after being incredible.

Then the game is still very fun, but through 30 minutes, no team can score up to the lead.

In the 35th minute, Trat gets some chance from a free kick in front of the penalty area, but praises the Lim Watthana with the right ball gliding over the bar.

At the end of the first half, the game still squeezed closely together. But no team has finished the first 45 minutes, both teams are tied 0-0.

Back in the second half at 52:00 Trat, who opened the game to attack hard to win from the rhythm, Ricardo Santos passed the ball for Jonathan Hes to go to the left with a full shot. But the ball flew over the beam further out

PM 72, the home team almost got the lead from the moment Saldi Wongderry passed the ball for Mongkol Toskai to shoot with the right ball, hitting the post, unfortunately.

The game enters the late game. The game picture is also fun, but no team scores a goal, making it the end of the game Trat FC draws Rayong FC 0-0. Causing the relegation chances of both teams quite flickering

List of players from both teams
Trat FC: Tosaporn Sriruang (GK), Supot Wonghoi, Amani Aguinaldo, Sathaporn Daeng Si, Wittaya Moonwong, Kriangkrai Pimrat, Atikun Meuam, Praise Limwattana, Mustafa Azad Soi, Ricardo Santos, Jonathan Hes

Rayong FC: Anusit Termme (GK), Wasuakit Phusirit, Adam Mitter, Suwat Chanboonpa, Yodrakna Muangrak, Theppitak Poolchuang, Chinawatwong Chai, Anucha Suucha, Goshi Okubo, Methi Sankham, Pitbull.





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