Extraordinary in BLIC: A businessman was abducted in Sofia

A businessman from Sofia has been missing since yesterday, and the main version of his disappearance is that he was abducted. This was revealed to BLIC by sources from the special services.

Before he was abducted, the man’s apartment was searched extremely thoroughly.

According to our media, he was involved in cryptocurrency trading. Probably the people who attacked him had a trade relationship with him and wanted to get their hands on his secret money.

It is believed that his home was searched so thoroughly that the flash drives containing bitcoins and etheriums were found.

Criminal investigators from the Sixth District Office in Sofia, the Search Sector in the Interior Ministry and the General Directorate of the Criminal Police are investigating the crime.

In the last 10 years there have been no other publicly known cases of kidnappings of figures from the Bulgarian economy, as well as celebrities.


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