Extraordinary competition, written test locations and list of admitted candidates. Usr alerts, UPDATED

The regional school offices are publishing the alphabetical lists of candidates admitted to sit the written test for the competition classes provided for in the calendar published in the Official Gazette no. 76 with the combinations of each candidate to the respective classroom in which he will have to sit the test.

The candidates indicated in the lists must present themselves at the office indicated in the list corresponding to the class of competition requested.

N.B. Candidates are admitted to the competition subject to ascertaining that they possess the admission requirements. In case of lack of the same, the Scholastic Office can order the immediate exclusion of the candidates, at any moment of the competition procedure.

The identification operations of the candidates will start respectively for each written test:

  • at 8.00 for the morning session
  • at 13.30 for the afternoon session

Campania Notice

Emilia Romagna Notice

Lazio Notice

Lombardy Notice

Molise Notice

Prospectus of territorial aggregations and Regions responsible for the insolvency procedure

Matching candidates-classrooms for the tests that take place in Campania

Matching candidates-classrooms for the tests that take place in Sicily

Piedmont Notice

Puglia Notice

Sicily Notice

Tuscany Notice

Veneto Notice

Where the test takes place

The Ministry writes in the notice of 29 September

“Pursuant to art. 400, paragraph 02, of the consolidated act, in the event of a small number of places that can be assigned in a given region, the USR, identified in Annex B of DD no. 783 of 8 July 2020 as responsible for carrying out the entire competition procedure, approves the rankings of merit both of their region and of the other regions indicated in theAnnex B itself.

Therefore, candidates who have submitted an application for the regions for which the territorial aggregation of the tests is arranged, will carry out the competition tests in the region identified as responsible for the competition procedure.


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