Extraordinary Babies have their own association

Two mothers, Sandrine Leviel and Anne-Sophie Bourdin, are behind the creation of a new association “Enfants extraordinaires 28”, during a meeting on Saturday in the presence of twenty-five people in the city center of Chartres.

“We are both private teachers and have children who have quirks. There is a lack of childcare facilities for these children who have certain learning disabilities. We believe that there is a need for structures that meet the expectations of children and parents. In the long term, we hope to create a school that can welcome all these children from the Chartres conurbation,” explained the two promoters of the project.

Expected partnerships

Aiming to bring together parents of children categorized as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), DYS (Specific Language and Learning Disorders), ADHD (Concentration Impulsive Disorders), EIP (Intellectually Precocious), professionals and specialists, the new association aims to attract skills and benefit from everyone’s experience.

The two promoters of the action add: “Ideally, the objective is to identify and define the needs of each child in order to find the appropriate answers. For this, we hope in partnership. »

Present on Saturday among the participants were three mothers who have become specialists in these topics. One of them became a psychotherapist, another a speech therapist and the third an art therapist. They agree that their presence at this meeting is above all to be able to confront other parents and perhaps find solutions to help these atypical children.

Practice. Contact: by mail, [email protected] ; on Facebook, extraordinary 28.

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