Extra large women’s bags to carry your laptop

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Maxi bags are back, and it can be difficult to look stylish when you have a giant accessory on your arm, but with these special models to carry your laptop you will have no problem getting dressed every morning.

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1. Topshop bag

This super bohemian design is perfect for mixing that casual aesthetic into the work environment. Be the best dressed in the office by wearing it with fabulous celebrity inspired baggy pants

Price $20.99 (Original $29.99)


2. Asos bag

If your office is very formal, then this model will be perfect to carry everything without losing it. Stilettos, blazer and a white shirt complement this bag amazingly

Price $17.30 (Original $40)


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3. H&M bag

For those who live in semi-formal environments or like to always look well-groomed, then they can take advantage of this gray model to wear with one of the five types of skirts that cannot be missing in your closet this 2021.

Price $34.99


4. Handle Bag

This model, although it is a bit more casual, you can totally take it to the office, just remember to use neutral tones to look very elegant.

Price $35.99 (Original $59.99)


5. Anthropology Scholarship

We love this option for those who are looking for something with more spark but still discreet. For all the women who adore the animal print, take a chance and wear it with leopard or snake pieces.

Price $59.95 (Original $80)


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6. Topshop bag

Going to college or university can be a very mundane or boring task, but with this bag you will manage to look presentable, even if you use it with sports pants to create outfits fit for a superstar

Price $10 (Original $32.99)


7. Topshop bag

This model is one of our favorites for everyday and casual wear. Its laid back vibe makes it a very easy piece to wear.

Price $37 (Original $0)


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8. H&M bag

Channel that beach energy with this model, which is not only reserved for your vacations, and is perfect for those days when you need to work on the weekend.

Price $24.99


9. Handle Bag

We love energy vintage that is channeled when using this bag. We recommend that you wear more structured pieces to counteract the casual aura that this model exudes.

Price $35.99 (Original $59.99)


10. Anthropology Scholarship

Do not look any further! Bet on this companion that will help you wear everything to school, simply combine it with lots of metallic jewelry of various shades for that glamorous touch.

Price $59.95 (Original $80)



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