express! Number of COVID-19, Thailand has found 45 additional cases, cumulative number of cases 37

26 February 2021


The FDA announced the number of cases of COVID-19. Today, Thailand found 45 new cases of COVID-19 infections, 37 of which were domestic, with the cumulative number of 25,809 cases. No more deaths were found. Cumulative deaths 83

On February 26, 64 pages COVID-19 Information Center Report of the epidemic situationCOVID-19 Daily that Thailand found the numberNew infected person45 new cases have been infected in the country, 37 are divided into 32 new infections from surveillance and service systems, 5 proactive community searches and 8 foreign infections are in state-provided quarantine facilities.

TotalAccumulated patients 25,809 No contacts foundDeceasedIncrease the total death toll 83 people. Cured patientsOf then 24,952 and 774 of the treatment patients

COVID-19 situation Only the new wave From 15 Dec’20 to 26 Feb’21, 37 new cases were found, divided into 32 new cases from surveillance and service systems, 5 cases of proactive search in the community and infected. From 8 foreign countries

The cumulative total of 21,572 cases divided into 6,108 new cases, 14,485 proactive search in the community, 979 from overseas, no deaths were found, increasing the cumulative total 23 cases.

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for Coronavirus Disease Situation 2019 (COVID-19) Around the world Time 10.00 Total number of infected cases 113,543,452 Severe symptoms 91,396 cases Cured 89,128,252 cases 2,519,255 deaths

5 Countries with the highest number of cases of infection
1. United States 29,052,262 persons
2. India 11,063,038 persons
3. Brazil 10,393,886 persons
4. Russia 4,212,100 persons
5. United Kingdom 4,154,562 operators

While in Thailand Ranked 114th with 25,809

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