EXPRESA – Saladín: There is a discredit campaign against the JCE and he says he will wear a black tie until the OAS report arrives

The full member of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Roberto Saladín, said Monday that there are several discredit campaigns through the media against that electoral entity.

“Those sectors that are infiltrated in the media, in NGOs in the country, financed by foreign resources and everyone knows them and everyone knows who these people are in the media that have maintained that campaign against the JCE , but we will do our job until the end, ”said Saladin when asked about what those sectors were.

The member of the plenary also added the JCE has endured that campaign of credit but not lower their heads and urged the Dominican people to vote on March 15 because “all the staff of the board deserves respect.”

In his statements, which he made upon arrival at the headquarters of the entity, he said he will wear a black tie until those responsible for identifying the automated voting equipment used in the suspended municipal elections of February 16 are identified.

“He wore this black tie, and I will not take it off until that final OAS report identifies what finally happened,” Saladin added.

Roberto Saladín reiterated that the plenary was unaware of the irregularities detected in the automated voting system until Sunday at 5:00 in the morning when the President of the JCE, Julio César Castaños, informed them.


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