Exposed to Covid-19, Comedian Papham Allegedly Contagious from Here, Admits Already Compliant with Health Protocols

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Comedy Palphian or Pampam discloses where he could have contracted the Corona virus or Covid-19.

This was conveyed in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel TRANS TV Official, Monday (14/9/2020).

Some time ago after undergoing a swab test, Papham got positive results for Covid-19.

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He was treated in two different places regarding the test results and also his health condition.

Now he has been allowed to go home and undergo independent isolation at home.

However, Papham has not been tested negative for Covid-19 by related parties.

Comedian Papham or Pampam revealed allegations where he could have contracted the Corona or Covid-19 virus. (Instagram)

So, until now they are still undergoing the recovery process in independent isolation.

“Not yet, now there are new regulations if we have passed the incubation period for two weeks and if there are no symptoms at all we can go home.”

“But we still have to isolate independently, until the result will be negative,” he explained Palphian.

Next, Palphian describes the possibilities to which it could be exposed Covid-19.

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