Exports and imports increased in Ukraine – State Statistics Service

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Ukraine trades with 228 countries

Ukraine exported most of its goods to China, Poland and Turkey. And most of all imported from China, Germany and Russia.

In Ukraine, from January to July 2021, compared to the same period last year, imports of goods increased by 28.6% to $ 37.24 billion, while exports increased by 33.4% to $ 35.51 billion. About it informs State Statistics Service.

Foreign trade operations in January-July of this year were carried out with 228 countries.

Most of all goods for seven months Ukraine exported to:

  • China – $ 4.99 billion (36.5% more than in the same period in 2020),

  • Poland – by $ 2.89 billion (67.6% more),

  • Turkey – by $ 2.08 billion (58.5% more).

Most of all in foreign markets were sold:

  • ferrous metals – by $ 7.44 billion (66.9% more than in the same period last year)

  • grain crops – by $ 5.16 billion (4.4% more);

  • fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin – by 3.77 billion dollars (up 10.4%).

Most products imported from:

  • China – by 5.53 billion dollars (27.3% more),

  • Germany – by 3.34 billion dollars (13.3% more),

  • Russia – by $ 2.9 billion (12.3% more).

Most of all, Ukraine imported cars, equipment and mechanisms, fuel, mineral fertilizers, oil and products of its distillation, products of the chemical industry.

Recall Ukraine increased export of agricultural products to the EU… Our country has become the fourth largest supplier of agricultural products to the European Union, second only to the UK, Brazil and the USA.

Also Korrespondent.net wrote that in Ukraine the demand for used cars is growing… Volkswagen remains the most popular brand among the customs cleared second-hand goods in Ukraine.

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