Explosive material! Doping charges always fall on Nadal, but what about Federer?

Gilles Simon, the 58th player in the world, also wrote about doping in tennis in his new book. The book, which has 191 pages, will hit the shelves on Wednesday, October 28, and to support the sale of his work with a native of Nice, he offered the media a really hot tasting.

In the chapter on doping, Simon opens an old accusation against Rafael Nadal. In the past, the Spanish tennis player faced accusations of participating in the affair of his compatriot and doctor Eufemian Fuentes. He was described as a doping magician and admitted during the investigation that he had engaged in prohibited doping practices, for which he served his sentence in court.

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According to the book, former French sports minister Roselyne Bachelot indicated that Nadal pretended to have a knee injury in 2012 so that he could quietly serve his doping sentence. “We know that Nadal’s famous injury was caused by the fact that he had positive doping control,” Bachelot said in 2016, without presenting any evidence against Raf.

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The author of the book, Simon, believes that behind many of the experts is the hard to bite fact that Nadal is simply a better tennis player than his Swiss rival. “It’s hard for some to understand that Rafael Nadal is a better tennis player than Roger Federer,” wrote the former sixth player in the world. That was Simon’s only reason why the doping accusation spread in connection with the clay king Rafa. what they claimed simply does not fit into the pattern of their pattern, “the” tennishead.com “portal quoted from the book.

Then the Frenchman also notices Federer, a twenty-time Grand Slam winner. “I would like to emphasize that we never talk about Federer’s body in this context,” he said, alluding to the fact that Nadal’s muscular figure attracted far more attention than Fedex’s musculature. against Nadal in Australia. “It was something extraordinary. But no one ever pointed it out,” Simon remarked to the Swiss, to show such a performance.

Roger Federer during the Laver Cup tennis tournament.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Did he want to suggest that Federer was doping? If so, that would be unfounded. After all, no evidence has ever been released in this regard, and no charges have been filed. Apparently, Simon seems to be trying to capture the reader’s explosive theme and entice them to make his book sell well and make a decent amount of money. Will he succeed?


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