Explosions in Iran not related to drone strikes on missile plant – ISW

Analysts write that social media accounts reported additional explosions and fires across Iran around the same time as the drone attack, however “these events were likely random accidents or were misrepresented.”

Several explosions occurred after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in northwestern Iran, which most likely caused these events.

Social media users also reported Iranian fighter jets flying over Tehran.

“There is no evidence that any explosions took place, or images of any damage that could have been caused by the explosions. These reports most likely suggest that the regime raised fighter jets from airfields located near these locations in response to drone strikes, and residents mistook the sounds of military aircraft for explosions,” the report said.

According to experts, the attack highlights the extent to which Israeli intelligence agencies have penetrated Iran’s security sphere.

The ISW suggests that Iran does not make direct accusations until it decides how it will respond.

“Iranian leaders may order proxy attacks on US positions in Iraq and Syria or Israel in the coming weeks in retaliation. This attack is also likely to further increase Iran’s concerns about the alleged presence of Israeli intelligence in Azerbaijan and Iraqi Kurdistan,” experts write.

Recall that on the night of January 29 explosions in a number of strategic facilities in Iran. The Iranian Defense Ministry claims that a drone attack was carried out.

In particular, in Isfahan, an explosion occurred on ammunition factory.

Fire in Azershahr automotive chemical plant. As a result of a strong fire, tanks with finished products exploded, and a rescue vehicle was also destroyed by fire.

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Moreover, according to the media, Israeli secret drone attack on Iranian defense complex. As the US and Israel seek new ways to curb Tehran’s nuclear and military ambitions.

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