Explosions at Chkalovsky military airport cause strategic concern for Russian leaders

Explosions at Chkalovsky military airport cause strategic concern for Russian leaders

Of the many explosions that have occurred recently across Russian lines, the Kremlin appears to be most concerned about the blasts at the Chkalovsky military airport outside Moscow, the British Ministry of Defense said today in its regular bulletin on the war in Ukraine, distributed on the social platform X. BTA reported.

According to the department, these explosions “are likely to cause the greatest strategic concern among Russian leaders.”

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“This is a sensitive location because it hosts specialized military aircraft as well as VIP vehicles for Russian leaders,” the British military said. According to them, the aircraft at the air force base are “particularly important” because they “perform missions that include electronic intelligence.”

Ukrainian military intelligence said saboteurs had destroyed two planes and a helicopter at the heavily guarded airport outside Moscow by attaching explosives to them. While ground fighting is “relatively static”, both sides are currently trying to gain air superiority. The increased Russian long-range strikes against Ukraine may be partly a reaction to the incidents in Russia and Crimea, the British military believes.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has released an update on the war in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion 19 months ago. Moscow accuses London of spreading disinformation.

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2023-09-22 13:51:00
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