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Explosion in a truck carrying fireworks in Sakarya Taşkısığı: 3 martyrs


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There was an explosion during the shipment of the materials at the fireworks factory in Hendek district of Sakarya.

After the explosion, many medical teams, firefighters, AFAD and UMKE teams were sent to the scene.

3 gendarme personnel were martyred in the explosion, 12 people were injured, one seriously.


In the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, the following statements were made:

The explosion occurred during the Stone Quarry operating in the Taşkısığı District of Sakarya-Hendek district, as a result of the instruction of the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, from the truck carrying the explosives of the Fireworks Factory for controlled control detonation.

In the explosion that occurred; 3 gendarme personnel, 2 of them from the explosive disposal team, were martyred.


Speaking at the scene, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said the following.

“After the explosion at the fireworks factory in Sakarya, a blasting operation of 15 tons has been carried out so far. It was decided that the explosives should not stop there. Since the explosives brought here were fireworks, it was decided to detonate in an area away from the forest. This explosion occurred during the last 1-1.5 ton detonation.

Facing the cameras for the second time, Minister Soylu used the following statements:

” The 15-ton explosive was taken to two separate quarries. Work and zoning permit of this business will be canceled as soon as possible. Everyone should know who has the slightest negligence here, which will be fulfilled accordingly. ”



Unfortunately, in this explosion, three of our soldiers, two from the explosive disposal team, one from Istanbul and one from Ankara, were martyred. Vehicle driver is seriously injured, he is currently in surgery. Currently, we have 11 gendarmerie personnel and truck driver friends in hospitals. Except for our trucker friend, no one is in serious condition.

“If there is negligence, it will be researched”

We have very specialized friends in this regard. These friends are also doing mine clearance works on the borders. If there is neglect in the event here, we will learn at the end of the researches. “

Truck exploding in the event

An explosion took place in a fireworks factory in Sakarya Hendek on July 3, and cleaning works were going on in the explosion area.

Two explosions occurred six days apart in Sakarya. Two explosions occurred six days apart in Sakarya.

7 people lost their lives in the explosion in the factory

7 people died in the explosions that took place at 11.15 on July 3 at the fireworks factory located in Hendek district, Yukacalica, on a 15-decare area, and 122 people were discharged after their treatment.



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