“Exploring the Innovations in Agriculture Discussed at the I Congress of Campo de Carrión de los Condes on Palencia Council Portal”

The monastery of San Zoilo, in Carrión de los Condes, will host next Tuesday, March 28, the I Campo Palentino Congress, organized by the Provincial Council of Palencia. A meeting in which field professionals from the province will discuss the challenges of agriculture in the province.

This was explained this morning at the press conference by the first vice president of the Provincial Council and deputy for the area of ​​Economic Promotion, Agriculture and Rural Development, Luis Calderón, accompanied by the deputies delegate of the Agrarian Development Service, Jesús Sevilla, and president of the Agriculture Commission, José Antonio Arija, together with the director of the Congress and of the communication company CAMPOCyL, Máximo Gómez.

Palencia is a regional cereal bastion. The province is in the top positions in the ranking of area planted with cereals, not in vain it registered an area of ​​more than 285,000 hectares in the 2021/2022 campaign, in which professionals from the Palencia field produced more than 950,000 tons, which means almost a fifth of the 5 million of the total harvest achieved in the community of Castilla y León.

For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to bet on events like this, which have the countryside and the primary sector as protagonists, and as one of the backbones of our provincial economy, pointed out Luis Calderón, who wanted to value “that essential role” of the farmers of the province in regional agriculture. He also pointed out that “the choice of this historic town to hold the meeting is not accidental, due to its strategic location next to the Carrión River and in the heart of Tierra de Campos, one of the largest granaries in Castilla y León and Spain.”

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Regarding the development of the day, the director of the CAMPOCyL publication, Máximo Gómez, explained that “the congress that will revolve around the future of cereals and will address issues such as innovation, fertilization or plant health of this crop. Also, it will analyze absolutely topical issues such as the CAP or the evolution of the markets”.

The program aims to cover all aspects related to the innovationfertilization or plant health of the cereal crop. In addition, it will analyze current issues such as the CAP or the evolution of the markets.

The Provincial Council invites you to participate, and for this, those interested can do so at the following link:



10,00 hInnovation in the SEED of cereal for a more sustainable future. Valentin Lopez. – Pte. of the cereal section of ANOVE

10,30 hFERTILIZATION in cereal. Keys for a correct subscriber. Vulnerable areas. Jose Cortijo. Laziness

11,00 hPlant HEALTH. The challenge of crop protection in cereal. Nacho Tobalina – Bayer


12,00 hCARBON CREDITS. Profitability and benefits PAC. Additional income for the farmer. Luis Carlos Alonso Arnedo. Dr. Biological Sciences External Adivisor of Oleokelsa and eAgronom.

12,30 hPRICES. Cereal market. And now that? ivan alvarez – Asegrain

13,00 hROUND TABLE. The future of the cereal sector. Paco HeviaGullon; Carlos ColmenaresAgropal; Jose Luis Marcosfarmer from Villaldavín; Elena LeonFlour Factory La Palentina; ivan alvarezAsegrain y Alfonso Retuertofarmer from Astudillo.

14,00 hCLOSING. My Armisen Angels. President of the Provincial Council of Palencia

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