Explanation of Why the Whole Volvo and Fortuner Crumble During a Collision

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Not long ago, social media was in shock with the news accident Among Toyota Fortuner with Volvo 960 GL.

The excitement occurred because the conditions of the two vehicles were completely inversely proportional.

You can see that the front of the Fortuner is crushed, you can say that it is quite badly damaged. Meanwhile, Volvo, only suffered minor damage to the bumper, but the body was still intact.

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Volvo is nicknamed “Tank from Sweden”, because it is known for its strong body. Car this is equipped with the safety features of the Side Impact Protection System ( SIPS).

Security system This passive is very strong designed to protect the cabin from the impact of the moment crash from the side.

In fact, almost all parts of the body, floor and roof have also been strengthened.


Meanwhile, Toyota is equipped with security system passive Global Outstanding Assessment (CAVE). This system was introduced since 1995 and has been applied to all car Toyota.

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Didi Ahadi, Technical Support Division of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) said the purpose of this security system is to keep passengers safe in the cabin area.

Toyota Toyota’s safety system, Global Outstanding Assessment

“GOA is Toyota’s technology specifically designed for collisions which is absorbed evenly by the car body. So, it can reduce the impact of changes to the shape of the cabin in various accidents,” said Didi, to Kompas.com, recently.


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