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Ammon – Eating Etiquette is the set of actions and behaviors that must be followed while eating. Teaching children food etiquette helps them behave politely and respectfully during meals and deal properly with food and others. Here are some basic food etiquette for kids:

1. Hand washing: Children should wash their hands before eating to maintain hygiene and prevent the transfer of germs to food.

2. Using the right tools: Children should learn to use the right tools like fork, spoon and knife in a correct and polite way.

3. Not speaking with a mouth full of food: Children should learn not to talk, laugh or sneeze while eating, and to swallow food before speaking.

4. Sit Appropriately: Children should sit upright in a chair and respectfully sit at the table.

5. Wait politely: Children should wait until everyone is served food before they start eating it, and not rush or take without permission.

6. Not gloating or belittling food: Children should be taught to be polite and not criticize or gloat about food or express their unwillingness to eat it.

7. Not to get bored or play with food: Children should learn to leave food on the plate and not play with it or throw it or waste it.

8. Appreciation and Thanks: Children should be taught to show appreciation and gratitude for the food served and to thank the people who provided the meal.

Teaching children food etiquette helps them to become hospitable and polite in dealing with others and to enjoy the experience of eating in a positive and comfortable manner. They must be taught these etiquette continuously and educationally so that it becomes part of their daily behavior.

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